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Pokemon Comes to Mobile with Pokemon GO!

Posted by HarmoniusEX , 10 September 2015 · 178 views

The Pokemon Company announced this evening in Partnership with Niantic Labs and Nintendo that they are working together on a new Smartphone game called Pokemon Go!, which will allow players to use their mobile devices to capture, battle, and trade with other players.

Niantic Labs is most known for their previous mobile app, Ingress, which tasked players...


Pikmin 4 Announced

Posted by Starr , in New Game Announcement, Nintendo 07 September 2015 · 204 views
nintendo, Pikmin 4, Pikmin and 4 more...
http://imgur.com/6VlCjmf.jpg According to an exclusive interview by Eurogamer, Miyamoto confirmed that Pikmin 4 is well into development and was actually "close to completion." Nintendo even issued a separate statement regarding the interview: "we can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present." Nintendo is gener...


Fallout 4 Announced

Posted by Elric , in Rumor 02 June 2015 · 325 views
Fallout, Fallout 4
UPDATED 6/4/15: Rumors have circulated about the possible announcement of Fallout 4. After a count-down clock was set up on the official Fallout website , the rumors turned into something of truth. A "Please Standby" , a very recognizable image for Fallout fans was in the background of the timer. Fallout 4 is a sequel to the 2008 post-apocalyptic RPG sh...


Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronic Band

Posted by Starr , 07 March 2015 · 613 views
nightmare in real life and 4 more...
Knowing how famous Five Night's at Freddy's have become, it should be no surprise that fans will do all sorts of creative stuff to express their admiration for this game such as creating fan art. However, youtuber Dr. Creepypasta takes this the next step. Recently, a video was released by Dr. Creepypasta that shows a real life Freddy animatronic.This animatronic can be programmed to say anything and make all sorts of movements like a real animatronic. Of course, it's just as creepy as the one in the video game.


Successor to Banjo Kazooie Announced!

Posted by Starr , in Content announcement, New Game Announcement, Uncategorized 02 March 2015 · 448 views
playtonic, banjo kazooie and 6 more...
A successor to Banjo Kazooie have recently been announced! The game will be developed by PlaytonicGames, a group of ex-rare developers. Many of these developers helped design popular games such as the Donkey Kong series, Banjo Kazooie series, and Viva Pinata series. Composer David Wise ( know for music from Donkey Kong Country I and II) and Grant Kirkhope (known for music from Banjo Kazooie series) will provide the music for the game.


Epic Supports Developers Working With Unreal Engine 4 with a $5 Million Grant Program

Posted by Brian6330 , in PC, Hardware 22 February 2015 · 383 views
Epic, Developers, Grant, Support and 4 more...

Epic Games wants to help developers complete projects with Unreal Engine 4 via a $5 million grant program.


Nintendo eShop Sales for January

Posted by Starr , in Sales, Nintendo 18 January 2015 · 340 views
eshop, sale, Throwback sale and 4 more...
This month, Nintendo is offering a great sale on select games on eShop. There are currently two types of sale: the Throwback sale and the Super Indie Connection sale. The Super Indie Connection Sale allows you to get 60% off a select indie title if you already own one of those titles or you purchased one at full price during the sale and you can get another for the sale price.


Beware of Amiibo Scalpers

Posted by Starr , in Business, Nintendo 14 January 2015 · 486 views
amiibo, nintendo, scalpers and 2 more...
If many of you have noticed, certain Amiibos are difficult to find. While limited supply is often the blame for this, there is also another culprit: scalpers. Scalpers are infamous in the performing arts world because they often purchase dozens or even hundreds of tickets as soon as orders become open, causing these tickets to sell out rather quickly. The only way to obtain these tickets is by purchasing them through resellers at exorbitant prices. Similarly, Amiibo scalpers purchase many Amiibos to resell them on sites such as Amazon and Ebay. These people make it difficult for the average consumer to purchase limited Amiibos such as Rosalina and Wii Fit Trainer.


New Fire Emblem Game Announced

Posted by Elric , in Nintendo 14 January 2015 · 309 views

A new entry to the Fire Emblem game series for the 3DS has been announced through a teaser trailer. Not much is given away plot-wise through the trailer, although it does look like there will be a lot of character wielding samurai swords. While not much has been released about the story, from watching the story one could speculate that it while have a li...


Operation: 1-UP - Video Game Cover Charity Album For kidney transplant

Posted by Brian6330 , in Events, Charity 06 January 2015 · 1,707 views
#kidney4john and 4 more...

A video game cover charity album featuring 26 artists contributing 21 tracks, with all proceeds sent towards John (DarthAurelius) Mean's kidney transplant.

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