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Announcement: >> N00b Pwners Rules v 2.6 <<

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Welcome to N00bPwners.com! Be sure to enjoy yourself here!

To be able to do this, we need to ensure that everybody (including the staff) follows our rules.
Btw: you will not be punished for breaking a rule before it existed.

  • Use the Report Button - Whenever you see somebody breaking a rule (even somebody from the staff), don’t hesitate to use this feature.
  • Be Polite - Try to be respectful to other members, or at least be nice to them.
  • Don’t swear or curse - It's against the rules, disrespectful and makes you seem dumber than you are. In some situations it may be appropriate, but usually it isn't.
    Breaking this rule will insult in a warning and if repeated, a warning point. If somebody curses unrelentlessly, they're ability to use the chat may be removed and their post may need approval by staff.
  • Think Before you Write - Just like in your day-to-day life, think before you post a post, and make them sensible, well-thought-out, and in the correct section.
  • Post in the Right Section - This is not punishable, but by ensuring that you post your threads in the right section, you save us a lot of work and your thread will get read more
  • Stay on Topic - Don't hi-jack or derail threads with your own conversations. Saying a joke or something funny and then having 1 or 2 replies to it is fine, but starting at MMO’s and ending up at the next gaming console is not. (Repeat offenders will incur 1 warning point)
  • Use the Search function - Trust me, it’ll grow up to be your best friend on the forum. It can be found on the top right corner.
  • Don't Post Duplicate Threads - Use the search function before posting a thread, to be sure it isn’t a duplicate. The threads will be merged or one of them will be deleted. No punishment for this, unless it starts to become spamming.
  • if a relatively new member did something wrong, please direct him to these rules and/or report the rule-violating post by clicking on this icon without insulting/flaming him
  • if you got problems with some members DON'T flame, if you do - then you'll incur warning point(s)
  • Feel free to PM a Moderator/Admin if you have any questions - that you don't want to post on the forum or just prefer to remain private
  • Bumping Threads - Do not reply to older threads that haven’t had posts in more than 4 weeks, unless you have something really significant to add and don’t bump your own (or someone else’s) thread replies. Preferably make a new thread, unless it pertains to exactly the same thing, then go ahead and bump it.
    Breaking this rule a lot will incur in 1 warning point, but if you bump seldomly here-and-there, you shouldn't worry
  • Spam - any post with the following counts as spam: +/-1, one word responses, TL;DR, memes, posts with only an image, double posts, etc.
    Repeat offenders will incur 1 warning point, the staff reserves the right to restrict posting to moderator preview, i.e. all posts will need to be approved by the staff
  • Flaming - doing this will incur 1 warning point, if a flame war / post war ensues, harsher punishment may follow.
  • Be a Troll - There' a difference between being funny and being a troll.
    A troll will be warned to change their behavior, if they don't the staff reserves the right to punish them with 1 warning point.
  • Insulting - Don't be calling any member names, being rude to them, attacking them, calling them a troll, etc.
    Breaking this rule the first time will result in a warning, and afterwards incur 1 warning point (if the attack is really severe, then expect multiple warning points)
  • No racism / discrimination - Nobody likes racism, no matter if about sex, nationality or anything else.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated in 1 or more warning points, depending upon the severity of the discrimination, going hand-in-hand with the rule above
  • Advertising - It is allowed for you to have a link your personal site (non-commercial) in your signature, but not anywhere else on the forum. If your personal site is a video game forum, or video game blog or has to do with video game sheet music, then you aren't allowed to advertise for that site, due to being related to N00b Pwners and so stealing our members and hurting the community.
    Link will be removed upon breaking the rule and 1 warning point will be given
  • Misusing Money Linking Sites - Don’t use sites like adf.ly for anything other than a way for other people to download your own content. You must also always abide by the services TOS.
    Breaking this rule will incur 1 warning point and the link shall be removed. The original creator of said content will be contact as well, if possible.
  • Post hoaxes - Posting false information deliberately about a member, a person off-site or any other content.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated in 1 warning point
  • Skirt around the rules. If you manage to find a loophole in our rules, do not exploit it. The rules are there for a reason, so finding a way around one is just as bad as flat-out breaking a rule.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated in 1 or more warning points, depending upon the severity of the "skirting"
  • "Baiting" a Member into Breaking the Rules - There is never a reason to do it, if you don't like a member, duke it out with them over PM or if they aren't abiding our rules, send the staff a PM and we will look at it.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated in 1 or more warning points, depending upon the severity and duration of the "baiting"
  • Back-seat Modding - Trying to take a moderator's place will not be tolerated. Reporting the member and contacting the staff is enough - no need to try to take the staff's place. The member nor the staff will take it kindly. Telling people that they should be more aware of the rules is fine, but if you report them and they figure out it's you who got them that warning point - don't blame us.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated, 1 warning point will be given.
  • "Undermining" the Staff's Authority - This is a touchy-subject and hard to enforce rule. Basically, giving suggestions to Staff is fine, but do your best to keep it to private chat or Personal Messages. If a staff members tells you to stop doing something, do so or otherwise you shouldn't be surprised at the punishment. Our staff tries to ensure the smooth running of the site, so if you have a problem with a staff-member, duke it out over Personal Messages or private chat. Doing it in-front of everybody will lead to different consequences, so try your best to abide what staff say - even if you don't like them very much. They're here for your- as well as our own good; we're all doing this voluntarily - so if we aren't always on our best behavior please excuse us and tell us so over private chat/PM. We'll get the message and go offline to vent for a bit. Doing it publicly may lead to unwanted disputes.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated, kick from the chat and 1 warning point will be given.
  • Impersonating (Staff-)Members - Impersonating another (staff-)member by copying their avatar or having a similar username is not allowed.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated, 1 warning point will be given. Repeat offenders may lose the ability to change their display name, avatar and/or usage of the chatroom.
  • Illegible Username - Usernames must confirm the limit, no slurs/curse/words, etc. and no names that otherwise harm the site/conflict with IP Board
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated, 1 warning point will be given. Also, the name will be changed.
  • Own Multiple Accounts - There's pretty much never a good reason to do so. Contact the staff if you think otherwise. If we saw that somebody has multiple accounts without letting us know (and us approving!) all accounts owned by said member will be permanently banned.
  • Abusing Power - This goes especially for our staff. Giving oneself warning points or messing with member's personal information (moderators), etc or spamming the blog or using it as your personal blog (writers) are both punishable offenses.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated, 1 warning point will be given. Repeat offenders may lose their privilege as staff and further, case-by-case action will be taken.
  • Regarding the Chat - Click on this link to see the specific chat rules, which don't include the rules posted here that you have to abide in the chat as well.
  • Any references to malicious game modifications or clients with the potential to harm other users or servers
  • Links or images that encourage users to perform a task so that the poster may be compensated financially.
  • Sharing any material that is another individual’s work, but is being represented as original. Permission must be obtained from the original creator, and credit must be given, before including any element of that creator's work.
  • Sharing or merely discussing any illegal content or games… ANY! (Including Emulators)
  • Piracy, Hacking, etc.
  • References or talking about any drug or substance abuse/use is not allowed, at all. (includes, but not limited to: Weed, Crack, Crystal Meth, Heroin, Ecstasy, etc.)
  • Any "Grey-zone" Material, you'll know what it is. If in doubt, PM the staff.
First offense: Warning
Second/repeated offense: Warning points ranging from 1 to as many as the staff deem fit.

These are rules that don't fit into any of the other sections, but have been created because they're needed. These may be removed over time.
  • Don't use N00b Pwners as a hub to organize trolling, spamming or any other harmful actions other sites is not allowed.
    This will be punished quite harshly: 1 Warning Point, a 3 day forum ban and a 7 day chat ban on the first offense. Further punishment is case specific.
  • Don't bring up Religion - We've had a lot of issues with this in the past, so please refrain from bringing it up. It has led to a lot of fights and other problems.
    Breaking this rule will result in a warning and if repeated in 1 warning point.
  • Any offensive, pornographic, or obscene material
  • Overt sexually loaded comments or content;
  • Discrimination against the age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation of another member.
  • Spreading malicious content such as viruses
  • Personal attacks
  • Spreading (true or false) information about other members
  • Disrespecting someone's privacy
  • Impersonating a member here or on another website
The violator will be warned the first time and punished if the offense is repeated. Depending on the severity, the violator will get 1 or more warning points.

  • If you see a violation ofthe rules, report it. If you're not sure, report it anyway. There are no penalties if you're wrong.
  • Don't tell the offender you’re reporting them, it doesn't help the staff in any way and only leads to problems.
  • Don't respond to spam, flames, and trolls, much less flame, troll or spam back. Ignore, report, move on
  • If someone is breaking the rules in a post, report the post. Don’t report in their profile unless their profile itself is breaking the rules.
  • When reporting a post please include a reason why you're reporting otherwise it's difficult to deal with the report.
  • Spamming reports is also punishable, as is multiple reports without reason and will be punished with a warning point and/or the ability to report content.
Warning points will be issued to offending posts and content depending on severity of violation. When you have amassed a certain number of warning points, harsher punishment in form of banning will ensue:

1-2 Points: No Temporary Ban
3 Points: 2 Day Temporary Ban
4-6 Points: 7 Day Temporary Ban
7-9 Points: 15 Day Temporary Ban
10 Points: 30 Day Temporary Ban

Each warning point is cleared 30 days after the last warning point(s) were given to you, unless permanently banned or the administration telling you otherwise.

If an account that you use is banned you are not permitted to use or create another account to go around the ban, even temporary bans.
Doing so, results in a perma-ban.

  • Contact one of the moderators or admins via private message (or email) giving your reasoning and evidence as to why you wish to appeal your punishment.
  • Be respectful. Calling us a bunch of crude things will lead to us not considering your claims and harsher punishment may ensue. Be respectful.
  • The staff will carefully consider your reason for appealing with the included evidence, and operate like a jury to reach a decision.
  • We will respond to you with our decision and reasoning.
Just remember to follow through with the rules and hopefully we won't have to punish you in the first place.

The Admins have the right to permanently ban a member if they deem fit. This would be done if a member's overall behavior is detrimental to the community.

It's questionable why any member would want to do this, but in any case - Members can ask to be chat and/or forum banned for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. For absolutely no reason will the member be unbanned until the time of their "voluntary ban" has passed. Creating alternate accounts will result in a permanent ban.

You will be asked by a staff-member to confirm your voluntary ban and the time period. Remember, the ban will not be lifted for any reason until the time has passed - asking or complaining won't help and making another account results in a permanent ban.

Staff - The administrators and moderators are the ones who ensure the smooth and efficient running of the site. The staff reserves the right to take any necessary action appropriate in the given situation, regardless of whether there is a specific rule covering that situation or not. If there is a misunderstanding or argument, then please bring the issue up politely with that member of the staff privately. No matter what; the decision of the staff is final.

At the moment, we have a posting restrictions for just registered members (Pre-N00bs) until they have made 25 posts. These accounts have a limited signature, can’t use the Chatroom and are unable to have an avatar. We also have a filter in place that monitors posts for known scams and viruses. These restrictions have been made to help protect the forum and its members from spam.

Dear musician, you need to be a member and have 5 Forum Posts to Download Sheets.

For anything having to do with help or support, don’t PM the Staff. The best way is to go into its respective section and make a thread. (Support, Feedback)


We prefer to get contacted by email.

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