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Check this game out: 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours

Posted by Elric , in Check this Game Out 15 April 2012 · 372 views

999 visual novel adventure intensity thriller
Check this game out: 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours

Note: This game is rated M for mature. Mostly because of violence and profane language.

Your eyes snap open. You frantically look around realizing that you are not at home. Your head aches. You look at your wrist to see a unremovable red wristwatch with a number on it. You look out the window to see the ocean. You are on a ship. You frantically get out of the bunk bed and head for the door but find out it is locked. Suddenly the window breaks and water starts to flood the room. You have to figure out how to get out. Fast.

These are the types of tense situations the game 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours puts you in. Released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS 9 doors 9 persons 9 hours (999 for short) is a intense point and click visual novel that will keep you on your toes for the entire game. You play as a college student named Junpei and your goal is to get off the ship you are imprisoned on alive by playing a twisted game of choice called the Nonary game. Junpei is not alone on this ship, there are 8 other people on the ship as well.

The tense atmosphere will never leave even after you get yourself out a sticky situation. This is because you only have 9 hours to escape the ship you were thrown on or you die. Along with this, you have to make decisions that will ultimately the outcome of the ending of the game. There are several endings to the game, so this is definitely a game with good replay value. Because of the number of choices you have, and the number of endings there are in the game it will take up countless hours. A nice feature of the game is that once you are replaying the game it marks out the choices you have already made so there is no need for memorizing every choice you make. Another plus to this game is that the price of it is relatively low. I got this game for $14 at my local gaming store. The puzzles throughout 999 will put your mind to the test. The characters in the game are easily likable. I'm going to reiterate that this game will keep you on your toes with suspense in which it is truly hard to put your DS on the ground. The music to go with this game helps intensify the situation you are in helping to boost the tense atmosphere of the game. Your choices vary throughout the game whether its choosing who you want to go through the doors with, choosing a door, or even choosing what dialogue you want the main character to say. Most of the gameplay involves you escaping a room by exploring it and finding various items/clues to solve the puzzle and escape. The gameplay is very addictive and rewarding. When you solve a puzzle from looking around the room and finding clues and putting together you feel very smart. I say this game is a visual novel because most of what your doing throughout the game is reading. This is similar to the game Phoenix Wright. The only aspect of the game that I didn't particularly like is that there are some comic relief and sometimes spend too long on it. Someone has to actually say: "Hey guys let's keep looking before we all blow up." or "Why are you guys joking? We don't have much time!" (of course, these aren't exact quotes)

If you are interested in a heavily story based game with a awesome plot, puzzles, and choice making 999 might be the game for you and it won't cost much out of your pocket. If you don't like a lot of reading, and are not fond of puzzles you might let this game slide past you.

Thanks for publishing it and can't wait to see another article like this! ^_^

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